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5 Great Household Friendly Waterparks to Thrill Children & Adults Equally

This waterpark has obtained significantly more than 20 awards. Based on old Greek mythology you can find 18 attractions, like the Aeolos Whirlwind, Drop To Atlantis, The Drop of Icarus, The Quest of Heracles, Kamikaze Slides, Chariot Pursuit, Apollos Dive, Phaethons Flume, Serpentine Glides, Minatours Labyrinth, Atlantis Activity Share, Trojan Experience, Pegasus Share, Poseidons Trend Share, Aphrodites Tub, Danaides Waterworks, Stream Odyssey and Zephyrs Breeze. There are lots of places to consume here, including Dionysos Temple (self service restaurant), Homers Burger Palace (fast food restaurant), Sirens Fish & Chips, Minotaurs Pizza, Ice Treatment Parlour and the Creperie.

Watermania Waterpark, Fasouri

In 2007 Watermania won the Earth Journey Awards for the best waterpark. The flights here are typical organized in age appropriate categories. Attractions contain pembuatan waterboom mini Cross Around Pools, The Dark Hole & Serious Dark Hole Glides, Black Cannons, Kamikazi Go, Sluggish Stream, Six Street Mat Racing, Multiple Pipe Slip, Large Orange Wet Bubble, Trend Pool, Two Aqua Tube Glides, The Liquid Manufacturer Involved Heart, Probowl, Body Slides, Swimming Pool, Young ones Pool. Areas to eat and consume contain Canal Cafe (groups only), Pirates Cove Restaurant, Grill & Dinner Home, Wiki Wiki Cafe, Sorts Cafe/Bar, Small Donut Kiosk, Snow Product Kiosk and Makai Share Club (squeeze liquid bar).

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, Paphos

You will find three forms of attractions here. Those for thrills, including Kamikazi, Five Lane Racing, Black Gap, Crazy Water, Free Drop, Adventure, Fast Stream and Family Rafting. These for fun, including Very Volcano, Trend Share, Lazy Lake, Corner Around, Wet Bubble and Try Dive. Those for kids, including Kids Share, Bathe and Sprinkle, Wet Bubble, Water Weeds, Spraying Elephant, Little Volcano, Pirate Ship Fall, Slow Fall and Rapidly Slide. Eating alternatives include the Kyrenia Cafe, Global Rapidly Food and three Refreshment Kiosks.

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